Charro Jerry Diaz & Family
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Charro Jerry Diaz & Family

Jerry Diaz Family To Headline Ozark Spring Roundup

Following a one-year hiatus for the construction of the new 161,000 square foot Wilson Logistics Arena, the Ozark Spring Roundup comes back stronger than ever with the signing of Mexican Cowboy Performer, Charro Jerry Diaz and Family for crowd pleasing performances in the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds E-Plex East Hall Round Pen and rodeo arena. Located in Springfield, Missouri, the Spring Roundup will be held March 22-24. Diaz and Family have contracted to present two round pen clinics/shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and arena presentations on Friday and Sunday. In addition, they will perform 15-minute PRCA rodeo shows during both the Friday and Saturday night performances.

A Charro (pronounced Cha ‘ro) is a skilled Mexican horseman whose origins date back to the 17th century. The charro, who developed customs, dress, music and equestrian skills later borrowed by the American cowboy, dress in traditional costume and are skilled in horsemanship, bull riding, horse and steer roping and trick roping.

The Diaz family lives in New Braunfels, Texas, where they own a 50-acre horse training operation. They host several presentations and clinics throughout the year for both private and public groups at their ranch.

Gerardo “Jerry” Diaz comes from the exciting world of Mexican horsemanship and rodeo. A true Charro, Diaz makes his living following the grand tradition of his heritage back in Mexico. He performs his horsemanship skills and rope artistry at rodeos around the country, producing and directing Mexican Rodeo Extravaganzas and Equestrian Events for special entertainment. Jerry Diaz embodies all the qualifications of the Charro’s strict code of honor that includes chivalry, high ethics, expert horsemanship, and dedication to family and Charro tradition. He has earned the Federation of Charro’s Golden Spur Award for his outstanding contributions and commitment to the Charro tradition. Famed for his expertise with the maguey rope, Jerry is a renowned crowd pleaser. Unaided by swivels or gimmicks, he spins the rope with ease while on foot, riding, or standing atop his horse. He has been inducted into the Texas Trail of Fame, Cowboys of Color in Fort Worth and the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Nicolas Diaz was born in New Braunfels and is the son of Jerry and Staci Diaz. He continues to follow in his parents and grandparent’s footsteps and is a 5th generation horseman. His young horseman career started when he was only three days old as his father carried him in his arms atop a horse, Nicolas has been riding horses ever since that day. Jalon (pronounced Ha/Lon) is an 11-year-old Black P.R.E. Andalusian stallion imported from Spain. Nicolas started his very own equine breeding program featuring the stallion and has won multiple national championships with two of his Andalusian stallions three years in a row.

Stacy Anderson-Diaz has entertained audiences across the United States at some of the most prestigious shows. She has performed in her father’s wild west shows, rodeos, fairs and circuses since she was three years old. Stacy is a third-generation performer and artist mostly known for her Roman riding six up team of horses, driving horses in tandem while standing atop the back team, dancing horses, trick riding and stunt doubling in several movies. Passed down through generations, Staci comes from a family who has a history with Liberty horses and both her parents and grandparents were equine and animal trainers and performers.

With their thundering hooves and flowing manes, horses are one of God’s most majestic creatures. The horse shows beauty, unsurpassed strength and immeasurable grace unlike any other.

Show hours are from 10 am to 5 pm on Friday and Saturday and 10 am to 3 pm on Sunday. Parking on the grounds and admission are free courtesy of sponsors MFA Incorporated, Cavender’s PFI, Race Brothers Farm & Home, Priefert Ranch and Rodeo Equipment and Hawk Fertilizer & Feed.

The Ozark Spring Roundup is followed by the Ozark Empire PRCA Rodeo on Friday and Saturday nights in the Wilson Arena. Doors for those holding VIP tickets open at 6:30 pm with general admission at 6:45. Tickets are available online at

For more information call the Fairgrounds at 417-833-2660 or visit

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