Completed Projects

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Completed Projects

Since 2004, the Foundation has provided financial assistance totaling more than $1.7 million to the fairgrounds for the following improvements to ensure that future generations have a functional facility in which to exhibit their livestock projects.


Milk Parlor | Construct Noel Boyd Youth Livestock Facility | Wash Rack
Arena Fans | Campground Electric | E*Plex HVAC | Rental Equipment Inventory Additions
Barn 3 Fan | Wells Restrooms | Radio Transmitter | Livestock Scales | Office Flooring
Arena Restrooms | Portable Office Building | Arena Sound Board | Gate 1 Renovations
E*Plex Restroom Painting | BootDaddy Saloon Remodel | Root Beer East | Dodge Truck
Kiddie Land Restroom Renovations | Asphalt and Concrete Repairs |Trolley with Canopy Top
Floor Scrubber | John Deere Tractor | Bad Boy Mower | StorageTrailer | Dining Ware and Linens
West Hall Storage Building | Stockyard Smokehouse Tables & Chairs | Sound System
Central Buildings Bath House

Central Buildings Bath House

Central Buildings Event Center

Central Buildings Event Center

Inside the Stockyard Smokehouse restaurant

Stockyard Smokehouse

Storage room with tan siding.

West & East Hall Storage

Root Beer concession stand with new rock on the bottom.

Root Beer East & West

HVAC system


Camping Pad & Darr/Wheeler Ag Facility

Camping Pad & Darr/Wheeler Ag Facility

Outdoor restroom facility with tan siding and a green roof

Kiddie Land Restrooms

Wheeler FFA Building

Wheeler FFA Building

Camping electric hookup

Campground Electric

Sound system with organized cords

Sound System

Wash rack for livestock

Wash Rack

New signage at gate 1

Gate 1

Milk parlor with tan sides and green trim

Joe King Milk Parlor

Open air livestock facility with tan sides and a green roof

Noel Boyd Youth Livestock Facility

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