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Special Events Exhibiting

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Live Judging Daily for Adult & Youth Exhibitors!

Special Events are where exhibitors, both adult & youth, bring in exhibits to be judged live in front of fair goers. There is something for everyone in the Special Events competitions. From old favorites like the Pie contest which draws a crowd year after year to new exciting contest announced yearly, we urge exhibitors to give these special events a try. You might catch the competition bug.

There are a variety of competitions in the Special Events including Hobby Crafts, Cooking, and Youth. Cooking competitions are the most popular of the Special Events due to live tastings by judges who guide the audience and the competitors through the strengths of each dish before choosing the winners. There are even some on-the-spot competitions for adults!

Youth Competitions are also available in Special Events, some of which allow kids to assemble items on-site.

Interested in Special Events or need more information? Feel free to contact with any questions you might have about our department. We are more than happy to speak with you.

For more information, contact:
Traci, the Life and Arts Director
Phone - (417) 833-2660 ext 248

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