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Lawn & Garden Show

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USHER IN SPRING 2023 IN STYLE, February 24-26, 2023!

At the 33rd annual Lawn and Garden Show we're going to usher in spring in style! Join us for a weekend of shopping and presentations that will have you enjoying your outside space in no time!

Your Outdoor Living Headquarters! Over 100 exhibitors offer one-stop shopping for all your lawn and garden needs. Products and services include trees, seeds, other plants; landscape design and installation services; mowers, tillers, other lawn and garden power equipment; tree and lawn care services; pools and spas; fountains, ponds and other water features; patio furniture and grills; yard accessories; fence; and much more.

Admission is $5, children 6 & under are FREE

Parking is FREE

Featured Speaker - Carol Reese

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Topics Carol Reese will cover at the 33rd Annual Lawn & Garden Show. Visit seminar schedule for exact day and times.

Extraordinary Plants and Fascinating Gardeners – Plant lovers often remember the first time they “met” an extraordinary plant, and the characters forever associated with them. Carol’s talk highlights some of her “must-haves” and the stories behind them that range from poignant to hilarious. The time-honored tradition of passing along plants is more than an exchange of a beautiful item. It creates new friendships, celebrates lasting bonds and even speaks of our broader human history.

How Does Your Garden GLOW? Why should you hold a compass in your hand when you plant? Magical moments are often about the light, yet too few consider how best to set up those moments when choosing and siting landscape plants. Plants can be living stained glass, fireworks, even “torches” with these concepts. Also break a few “rules” of plant placement to create intriguing compositions of light and shadow, which can actually allow your eyes to physically read more vivid color and fuller detail. These ideas can create a day of garden moments that spangle, sparkle, shimmer and glow as the sun moves through the sky.

Sex in the Garden: Your outdoor walks will never be the same. Carol’s talk indelibly reminds you that flowers are sex organs, and illuminates some of the stranger versions, such as flowers that choose to be male or female depending on the circumstances! It also informs when gender discrimination is advised when choosing landscape plants! Beyond the blooms, Carol moves on to moving or sometimes bizarre details of the sex lives of frogs, dragonflies, and other garden critters. This fun fastmoving talk is entertaining, but also a celebration of the intimate interactions just outside the window. Relax, the only frontal nudity is of flower parts and possibly garden statuary!

Just Do It! Create a Lifestyle Landscape - Intimidated by lofty landscape principles? Let Carol trash the idea that there is a “right” way, and help you develop a fun, productive philosophy that guides your choices and forgives “mistakes”. Her inspirational slides show creative and solution landscapes, both for those with deep pockets and those with tight budgets. Would life be better with spaces for entertainment or edibles? Privacy screens with multi-seasonal beauty, that are also provide a haven for wildlife? A safe place for pets and kids to run and play? This funny, wise and motivational talk will have you looking at your landscape with fresh eyes as a place that evolves instead of a plan that stays frozen.



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Don't miss the 2023 Seminars! The schedules are below.
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Show Hours

February 24 - February 26, 2023
Friday: 9AM - 6PM
Saturday: 9AM - 5PM
Sunday: 9AM - 4PM
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Admission is $5. Kids 6 and under free. Parking is FREE.
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Interested in Being a Vendor?

We welcome new vendors to the 2023 Lawn & Garden Show. If you have products or services related to the lawn and garden, contact Libby today! | 417-833-2660

Main Stage Schedules

Schedules are subject to change without warning.
Schedules are subject to change without warning.
Schedules are subject to change without warning.


carsons nursery
corvus pro solar

These Companies will have booths at the show

carsons nursery
corvus pro solar
air services
Race Brothers Farm & Home Supply
Heritage Tractor
Mitchell Chiropractic & Rehab
Wickmans Gardens
foundation recovery systems
leaf filter
Superior Rents
S and H Farm Supply
seal smart
Ozark Fence
creative audio
sun solar
sticky rollers
Family Flowers
mmc fence
james river basin
teague roofing
Royal Diamond
solera Energy
robinson fencer
tractor barn
le dipping
magical story
accent curb
Midwest Equipment
Willow Green
Renew Crew
Walton Audio
Roll Off Express
Hickory Lane
Botanical Gardens
MO Conservation
dougs pool
Boulder Designs
att - direct tv
Hartmans power washing
master gardener
acres of envy
fitz water
ozark outdoor equipment
fight the bite
W Bar Y Fence
top tier kitchens
Eco Shred
Ozark Food Harvest
Artisan Elements
scentsy laura
Mr. Electric
Sportsland pickup covers
American Pool and Spa
No MOW Worries
Outdoor Wonders
Mitchell Chiropractic & Rehab
Missouri Play Sets
Ozark Outdoor Home
Dynamic EVC
Autumn Exteriors
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