Arena & Barn Facilities

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Arena & Barn Facilities

Glass door entrance to the Corwin Auto Arena with large trees in the landscaping.
The Ozark Empire Fairgrounds & Event Center has a variety of facilities perfect for livestock shows and sales, rodeos, motor sports, dog shows, equine events.

Corwin Auto Arena

The Corwin Auto Arena seats 2,250 around a show ring measuring 76' wide by 220' long. This facility is heated for the winter and well ventilated for warmer months, but not air-conditioned. The Ozark Empire Fair Foundation installed three 24ft industrial fans over the show ring to help keep the facility cool. The dirt floor can be hard packed or lightly fluffed. The Corwin Arena restrooms were renovated in 2013. The Livestock Office located on the east end of the Arena is an air-conditioned office space for show personnel and is included with the rental.


The Annex is attached to the Corwin Arena north side and has concrete floors, ventilation system and is 300’ x 70’ which can be used as a tradeshow area or rented separately for events such as a dog show or meeting location.

Noel Boyd Youth Livestock Facility

Noel Boyd Youth Livestock Facility is an open-air, covered arena with dirt floor show ring measuring 90' x 120', with portable bleachers seating for 100 people.

Wells Arena

The Wells Arena measuring 81’ wide by 105 long can seat 150 people and may be utilized for stand-alone events or in conjunction with larger events. Often, the Wells Arena is used as a warm-up facility.

Central Buildings Event Center

Located in the North woods the Central Buildings Event Center can hold up to 712 tied cattle and 150 horse stalls. This facility is equipped with Rock-Bottom Panels allowing us to remove unused or unwanted panels to create more space in the building. This building is 150'x300' and is equipped with ample power and wash racks.

Golden Oak Barn 1

The Golden Oak Barn 1 has been recently remodeled into a barn that can be used for both small and large stock. This barn can now hold up to 280 4'x6' small animal pens, hold 77 horse stalls with single aisles or ties 405 head of cattle.

Barn 2

Barn 2 has space for 53 horse stalls or 320 head of cattle.

Wells West & East
Wells West and Wells East are attached to the Wells Arena. Wells West has space to set 80 horse stalls using both sides of the aisle. The barn can also be used to tie 196 head of cattle. Wells East holds 71 horse stalls set on each side of the aisles or 36 single stalls. The barn has space to tie 184 head of cattle.

Livestock Facility Amenities

-Public Address sound systems are included in all facilities.
-Wash Facilities: Barn 1, Main by Annex and Noel Boyd wash areas
-Tie-outs: a well-defined tie area adjacent to the barns will accommodate 700 animals
-Restrooms/showers: Arena and Wells Restrooms are open, well stocked and available during your event.
-Trailer parking: is plentiful in the shaded North Woods area north of the barns.
-Convenient access to camping faciliites.

To book your next event at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds & Event Center, call Aaron or Stephanie at 417.833.2660.

Zoomed out entrance of the Corwin Auto Areana with the large tan arena in the background
Corwin Arena Main Entrance
South side of the Corwin Auto Arena
Corwin Arena
Central Buildings Event Center
Open air Noel Boyd Youth Livestock Facility with tan sides and a green roof
Noel Boyd Youth Livestock Facility
Main entrance to the open Olden Oaks barn with white sides and red trim
Golden Oak Barn 1
Main entrance to barn 2 & 3 with white sides and red trim
Barn 2 & Barn 3
Entrance to Wells Arena with white sides
Wells West and Wells Arena
Entrance to Wells west barn, an open air barn with white sides
Wells East
Entrance to Wells arena with white sides, entrance into restrooms and large trees in the landscaping
Wells Arena
Entrance to Joe King Milk Parlor, a tan building with green trim and two large white roll up doors
Joe King Milk Parlor
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